SING - I'm still standing - Johnny (Taron Egerton) [Lyrics]

25 apr 2017
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Song: I´m still standing from the movie Sing (2016)
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You could never know what it's like
Your blood like winter freezes just like ice
And there's a cold lonely light that shines from you
You'll wind up like the wreck you hide behind that mask you use
And did you think this fool could never win?
Well look at me, I'm coming back again
I got a taste of love in a simple way
And if you need to know while I'm still standing you just fade away
Don't you know I'm still standing better than I ever did
Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid
I'm still standing after all this time
Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind
I'm still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah
Once I never could hope to win
You starting down the road leaving me again
The threats you made were meant to cut me down
And if our love was just a circus you'd be a clown by now
Don't you know I'm still standing better than I ever did
Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid
I'm still standing after all this time
Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind
I'm still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah
Don't you know I'm still standing better than I ever did
Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid
I'm still standing after all this time
Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind
I'm still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah

  • Auch deutsche comitare unterwegs?

    Lisa FickingeLisa FickingePred 6 minútami
  • Johnny Johnny it’s Johnny that’s my son my son yo fam oof

    Roxy O.Roxy O.Pred hodinou

    Resurgam Viridis NitorResurgam Viridis NitorPred hodinou
  • When even a gorilla can sing better than you.

    fatima asirifatima asiriPred 5 hodinami
  • Idc what they say about this movie. This will always have a place in my heart.

    Main846Main846Pred 5 hodinami
  • man this song is a master piece created by the gods themselfs

    Gamerwolf pal'sGamerwolf pal'sPred 5 hodinami
    • please do and sub this video

      Gamerwolf pal'sGamerwolf pal'sPred 5 hodinami
    • give them a round of a plas

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  • I didn't care much for Sing, but it made me very angry that the monkey didn't win because his motivation to win the contest was honestly the best one. Granted, no one won, but my point stands.

    Thannus: SerializedThannus: SerializedPred 5 hodinami
  • Johnnys performance was my favorite! It was amazing!!!!! Also.... MONKEE

    I’m a Hooman!!I’m a Hooman!!Pred 5 hodinami
  • holy crud this is GOAT status

    Jebediah TownhouseJebediah TownhousePred 6 hodinami
  • That was my cousins singing when they lost their dad😢

    Melissa McCutchanMelissa McCutchanPred 7 hodinami
  • Taron Egerton voicing a gorilla who sings an Elton John song but becomes Elton John himself 2 years later

    Azaan KhalidAzaan KhalidPred 9 hodinami
  • ese hipopotamo o nose cant bien feo :V ooooooooo al hipopotoma salamndra nose :V .

  • Monke play piano monke is wow

    E GgE GgPred 11 hodinami
  • Zzz,

    Gabriel PinedaGabriel PinedaPred 12 hodinami
  • see this is what we get when you build a human prion and put a gorrila in it

    AceO BladeAceO BladePred 12 hodinami
  • My man broke out of jail to see his kid perform a song now that is some cartoon fatherly love

    CallMeKingoS 1CallMeKingoS 1Pred 12 hodinami
  • I love the song soo much who with me am still standing yes yea wow am happy 😂😂😂😂😄😄

    Yakeefe OxfordYakeefe OxfordPred 13 hodinami
  • Me: am bored “sees this” sure “clicks on vid” ummmm

    Victoria BollingVictoria BollingPred 13 hodinami
  • the "yeah yeah yeah" was timed with his dad breaking out

    GodPVPGodPVPPred 14 hodinami
  • mines for adv

    Alexsandr ZazhiginAlexsandr ZazhiginPred 14 hodinami
  • So this is where Kong came to celebrate his big fight

    unweriedunweriedPred 15 hodinami
  • monke singe

    lonk bonklonk bonkPred 15 hodinami
  • when i was younger this happend: when he said thats my son.. i was like THEN GO GET EM then he was like MY SON JOHNNY GOODBYE PEOPLE i was like woah he listened

    rblx__beastrblx__beastPred 15 hodinami
  • I remember when this movie, I was sooo hyped when Johnny started singing and the music slowly went up... 😇😇🤧🤧 Ahhhh the good times

    Vitality RaiderVitality RaiderPred 17 hodinami
  • When you realize his jacket is leather 🤔🤔🤔

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  • 1

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  • 1v1 me fortnite micael rose

    Michael RoseMichael RosePred 19 hodinami
    • no no one plays fortnite anymore

      AngelツAngelツPred 15 hodinami

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  • 1:24 Monke power!!! 😎🦍

    Upish CatUpish CatPred 19 hodinami
  • Tf Eggsy doin up der yeh go back to sliging crimnals yeh

    BlassTDBlassTDPred 19 hodinami
  • Jl

    Noura YaserNoura YaserPred 20 hodinami
  • Why did this come up while I was watch gravity falls-

    Lotta LoveLotta LovePred 21 hodinou
  • proud monke dad

    Aaron WanasAaron WanasPred 22 hodinami
  • What the fuck do the Rhino Guards are saying at minute 1:25. I NEED to know this. ASAP. ( Sorry I messed up the time, and therefore have edited my comment.)

    Alan GengAlan GengPred 23 hodinami
  • Monke

    M3g4bl4z3M3g4bl4z3Pred dňom
  • singing monke

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  • Hmm... monke 😊

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  • ñ

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  • Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.

    Lorene RobertsonLorene RobertsonPred dňom
  • WOW this man broke out of jail for his son yet my dad left me for California and told him there was nothing left for hi in MI even though I leave in michigan :( so I basically ghosted him completely still low-key hurts not gonna lie

    cHaRLi millercHaRLi millerPred dňom
    • he told me that there was nothing left for him in michigan

      cHaRLi millercHaRLi millerPred dňom

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  • Godzilla just watching in the back waiting for him to leave the stage

    Jayvinz 217Jayvinz 217Pred dňom
  • proud mama monke

    Gonzalo ArmesGonzalo ArmesPred dňom
  • 1:23 whenever JOHNY said a word he pulled

    Friedpiller YTFriedpiller YTPred dňom
  • The only good song in this movie. No only GOOD thing to come out of this move.

    jama88jama88Pred dňom
  • I've listened to this at least 20 times, and I just heard the footsteps hitting to the music and it somehow makes it even more hype.

    Saint BigfootSaint BigfootPred dňom
  • During these tough times, this song n "Lukaz - Love Me" are some of the only things that keep me sane. I just want to give love to everyone and let them know that everything is going to get better.... I love you

    TokehTokehPred dňom
  • This one still get's me tearing up a bit from the dad being so desperate to see his son succeed by any means necessary

    Fun mathsFun mathsPred dňom
  • Me running home knowing spongebob gonna be on:

    Jason WenJason WenPred dňom
  • I remember when this came out- the Movie Holy crap that was forever ago!!

    Pancake Wolf The BirdPancake Wolf The BirdPred dňom
  • siccccccccck

    samson mukolwesamson mukolwePred dňom
  • Omg

    Colette CramerColette CramerPred dňom
  • i love sing

    Lamiyah Queen GirlLamiyah Queen GirlPred dňom

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  • so if animals are the humands the humands are animals or pets

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  • Who came here because of someone Who was att a 442oons video

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  • Same

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  • whos johhny-

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  • proud monke father

    haidouuhaidouuPred 2 dňami
  • It is like one of the sweetest things I saw

    AllStarMayhemAllStarMayhemPred 2 dňami
  • So saddened when the father realized he never listened to his son's dream. But finally he could had that chance to tell him he is proud of him "Thats my son". Happy moment !!!

    James KingsleyJames KingsleyPred 2 dňami
  • “That’s Johnny, it's my son! ...My son...”. I was like: “Exactly, YOUR SON. Now, go”.

    Alexis R. MaldonadoAlexis R. MaldonadoPred 2 dňami
    • hahahahaha

      Chloe JohnsonChloe JohnsonPred 23 hodinami
  • Lol

    MALIA ali gibbsMALIA ali gibbsPred 2 dňami
  • This the only good scene if the movie.

    EterrixEterrixPred 2 dňami
  • monke perform

    Dio BrandoDio BrandoPred 2 dňami
  • I guess everyone else got this in their recommended huh.... I'm not hating this is a good song

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  • Idk why i have this song in my head rn

    Cris ColitaCris ColitaPred 2 dňami
  • Gods will use this like a meme

    miguel soto albornozmiguel soto albornozPred 2 dňami
  • Monke

    Brayden EavesBrayden EavesPred 2 dňami

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  • I love this song

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  • MN

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  • Yup lol

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  • Better song

    SpongeBob MasterSpongeBob MasterPred 2 dňami
  • Name of movie please

    Dortoye LalchanDortoye LalchanPred 2 dňami
  • I’ve had not seen this movie about 2-3 times in my life and I hate it so much

    DerpDerpPred 2 dňami
  • Monke

    hello therehello therePred 2 dňami
  • Taron Egerton singing "I'm Still Standing" in Rocketman >>>>>> him singing the same song in a generic Illumination movie.

    John NobodyJohn NobodyPred 2 dňami
    • The delivery and emotional weight of that song in Rocketman is a million times different, that's why it hits so hard

      SofilupiSofilupiPred dňom
  • Monke zyng also bring back þ

    The Brown Ninja Master of BrownThe Brown Ninja Master of BrownPred 2 dňami
  • The best thing about returning to monke

    DINO BOYDINO BOYPred 2 dňami
  • Sing shows about: Dont give up Hard work betrays none Dad love Mother love Money is not that important Almost everyone has talent They are not you

    Pbe TvPbe TvPred 2 dňami
  • It is Judy

    Discord ModDiscord ModPred 2 dňami
  • This song was my favorite out of all of them all

    Skyler ThorSkyler ThorPred 2 dňami
    • I'm mr warly

      PikachuPikachuPred 2 dňami
  • Kong Fans: Big Monke singing and playing piano Godzilla Fans: Makes a complex speech about why Godzilla should win this fight

    Ruzgar AtasagunRuzgar AtasagunPred 2 dňami
  • Johnny was my favorite character of the movie! I like the fact that Taron Egerton was the character's voice and the relationship between Johnny and his dad is interesting. After the crimes his dad has done and was disappointed at his son, he changed his mind and was impressed for Johnny's singing talent and had to escape from jail to see his son by apologizing, embracing him by saying: ''I'm so proud of you.'' :)

    Fred RydénFred RydénPred 3 dňami
  • Me watching this at 3am: _Im still standing_

    ꧁BreaCch꧂꧁BreaCch꧂Pred 3 dňami
  • Damn those chills

    KD Trey99KD Trey99Pred 3 dňami
  • Can't get the image of 2 gorilla's pounding to the beat

    Cesar Juarez CruzCesar Juarez CruzPred 3 dňami
  • Monke

    Yasuo GamingYasuo GamingPred 3 dňami
  • 1:11 This is the part that absolutely broke my heart. TwT

    Waffu WaffleWaffu WafflePred 3 dňami
  • I hate Illumination, but this voice actor has some serious talent.

    Drake DeardorffDrake DeardorffPred 3 dňami
  • what made me cry was when he smiled and said thats my son and was proud

    Josaiah Reyna-QuinonesJosaiah Reyna-QuinonesPred 3 dňami
  • Monke

    Kiel GamesKiel GamesPred 3 dňami
  • I love that voice!!♥♥

    RainRainPred 3 dňami
  • king kong winning in the end of godzilla vs king kong :(

    Ethan boiEthan boiPred 3 dňami
  • Happe monke father

    Chara UTChara UTPred 3 dňami
  • Monke make song. Song good. Monke good.

    Patrick SnyderPatrick SnyderPred 3 dňami
  • How’d I get here from listening to anime OPs 💀

    NoNoPred 3 dňami
  • This is probably the best version of this song

    Atomic MuffinAtomic MuffinPred 3 dňami
  • dont you love it when harambes dad breaks free

    abby habby hPred 3 dňami