Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Season 1 - All Episodes (1-14)

23 nov 2019
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Binge-watch all 14 episodes with no cliffhangers! I also fixed and improved some things about certain episodes that were bugging me for a while.
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  • i love stick man

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  • red imagine cat excavator kkkk

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  • dude thats the best song i ever

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  • Wow Amazing Animation :)

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  • How to get a stickmin friend on your pc 1)download AI 2) draw a stickmin 3) get out the room fo sometime 4)get back in the room 5) make sure they know you DONE!

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  • OFF 15:48 Like and subscribe

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  • 30:20 i kinda hate orange in this orange wont stop breaking greens house and KILLS HIM after trying to defend it orange is a bad person pass it on

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  • Mom: time for bed Me: one more video pls? Mom:ok you have 10 min Me: ...

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  • 4:44 you forgot to consume the glass from 64 to 63 5:05 you forgot to remove the pickaxe from the hotbar

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  • Balasiloro?

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  • bruh alan 4 iron and 4 sticks does not make 64 tracks]

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  • I make animation with draw multfilm 2

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  • Ada orang Indonesia?

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  • 16:03 and thus, the pig mii brawler costume was added to smash

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  • ikkik

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  • Well he said "Minecraft short " but is 1 hour 20 mins

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  • i really like alan becker :)

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  • abang org indo

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  • 14:40 ინტერნეტი ჩართულია

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  • Orange are God

  • Я тут один Русский?

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  • Alan broer, waar kom je vandaan?

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  • Maar laat me dit niet vergeten: je hebt zeer goede animatievaardigheden.

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    • Oo jys ook Afrikaans

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  • Wauw Alan, hoe gaat het met je? Kun je een video maken en deze naar YouTub sturen.

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  • Uhh... whats your setup it would help me cause i wanna make stick figures too and animate thx

  • 15:57 Technoblade be like:

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  • すごい!

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  • Felicidades un comentario español

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  • Animation be like: mision failed bettet luck next time

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  • I just noticed that in th memory it says fi but when orange went to play minecraft it said an

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  • Kuya idol Nakita sa paganimation

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  • the fact that they are having a seizure on the wall 31:40

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  • I love your videos Alan Becker

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  • wow

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  • Alan: the only time?

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  • Eres un genio Bro 😃 eres el mejor igual q tus videos

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  • im so inspired, also, my channel is mainly stick animations

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  • this really should be a series on netflix

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    • I know it’s looks like netfilx supports it And also I want it to be on netfilx so my mum can watch it cuz she has netfilx

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    • Yes it shoud sorry I am Afrikaans

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    • yes

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  • anyone who sees this in 2021

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    • me

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    • Me

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  • Bruh this is nostalgia

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  • Hola soy Thiago Miguel me gustó la primera parte de Belgrano dento de cero

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  • They can pick every mount of Any Block that was creative but they still have hp!!

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  • I like stickman

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    • me too

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  • Dad: Time For Bed Me: Ok Will I Have Some Privacy? Dad: Yes Me: Ok Me: I'm About To Watch This Video Me: Watches This Video Me: I Hate Ads Dad: Comes In Our Room Me: Oh No I Better Be Done Dad: Hey Did You Turn On The Bedtime Show? Me: No But I Will Dad: Ok Me: Gose To Sleep

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  • best music ever

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  • hay me encanta estos episodios si teniera un deseao es que tuvieras vida infinita

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  • They realy good to fight

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  • Why was technoblade on the windows ten desktop

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  • alan this is a super epsode

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  • me: eats icecube while watching the potion one : awkward ice cube •👄•

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  • No one: Philza in his hardcore world: 1:05:23

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  • 56:17 skyblock

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  • All orange wanted to do was sleep

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  • Давайте залайкаем чтобы они думали что тут что-то годное го

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  • The world of stick figure animation is simply astounding, because if you think about it, every single stick figure animation is connected to these ones by Alan, since they have SVworlds and have watched other stick figure animations before

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    • @Kesya Karista 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂

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    • minecraft

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  • red and yellow and green and orange and blue its ninja

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  • SVworlds sensiz en güzel SVworlds sen siniz

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  • 2 : 16

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  • I’m sorry it’s just this part is freaking hilarious😂😂 16:03

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