Restoration Abandoned Motorcycle Honda 70cc 4 Stroke Finalization # 4

20 dec 2020
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Sorry for a Long Delay... I Personally Drove this Bike for about 2 Months... It's Amazing Really ! I Hope U Like it...
Part 1 Disassembling a Abandoned Honda Bike...
Part 2 Fuel Tank Restoration of Honda
Part 3 Engine Restoration
Part 4 Finalization
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  • It started with what is necessary, and then it started with what is possible, and then it did the impossible.

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  • Paint already peeling off” before you test drive it after the Restoration.😁👻✌🏾

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  • 2:33 are you guys seeing what im seeing? Among us fans?

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  • bella video, vogliu esse i vostri amichi, va?

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  • I won't even call that a restoration that has to be the worst job I've ever seen anybody do. You did absolutely nothing to stop the rust and I seen you prime over a lot of the rust I feel sorry for anybody that gets this piece of crap cuz it's not going to last. And FYI you never mix your paint in your paint cup

    Craig RumseyCraig RumseyPred dňom
  • That thing is way over-rusted... like it was probably induced.. I've dug a few machines out of fields that have been there for 20-30 years and not even close to that.

    Tyler FortnerTyler FortnerPred dňom
  • Its too old ,should make the base stronger by sealing it with metal ,cause imajine you drinving at 120 mph then suddenly some metal break cus its not strong enough

    Nicole DhunooNicole DhunooPred dňom
    • 70cc motorbikes do not get up to 120mph.

      William StephensWilliam StephensPred 17 hodinami
  • Vaire ki dekhlam,, vai apni koi thaken.???

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  • No começo da desmontagem foi legal , Martelo de Thor funcionou bem tbm , jateaou logo meteu massa p cima , essa moto por ser barato o amigo não tava c muita paciência p restaurar kkkkkkkkk , msm assim ficou nota 10

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  • Wow

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  • colour coordination was just poor. You could've chose charcoal or slinky black instead :'(

  • Very nice job!!!

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  • Super hit

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  • Does the rust come with the restoration?

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  • халутура чистой воды, с такой обработкой и удалением ржавчины это вообще не работа. Всё сделано через пень калоду, небрежно и без души, как говориться, сделано в америке.

    MikeGrinch124MikeGrinch124Pred 4 dňami
    • даааа, вообще даже когда пескоструил мог бы и ржу норм выбить, а не так поелозил и все тип почистил

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  • I'm also coming in your group. I had lots of interest. I'm mechanical engineering👨‍🔧

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  • Why was it all not brought down to raw metal. You need to cut the cancer out. Painting over it.. please don't .

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  • Bed video

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  • What was the point of the spray bottle/sanding around the 5 minute mark?

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  • Грубая работа......

  • Lindaaaa 😍

    Vasti MendesVasti MendesPred 6 dňami
  • Bodgy as f**k. I've never seen anyone paint over chrome before . Bet that doesn't last long . Too many short-cuts . I find short-cuts most annoying , if you're gonna do something , do it right.

    Mikey The HatMikey The HatPred 6 dňami
  • Fake restauration, the yellow is not a rust, look like a paint that even located on the ground.

    Igor DobrenkyIgor DobrenkyPred 6 dňami

    Careers 4 Medico Lab TechCareers 4 Medico Lab TechPred 6 dňami
  • its NOT restoration... its paiting old motobike

    Игорь ТимчукИгорь ТимчукPred 6 dňami
  • My father owned a driving school, he also taught motorcycle...He bought a 1973 honda 70 ...It was the first motorcycle I learned to ride on...Man, I wish we kept it...I used to ride it from the garage into the basement IN A ROW HOUSE...:)...

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  • What are you using for removing rust????

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  • Soo many mistakes during assembling.

    Imran RajputImran RajputPred 8 dňami
  • I strongly recommend you use Locktite Threadblocker Blue 242 on the bolts and screws. If you use this bike, then they could unscrew in the middle of the trip because of constant vibration and your trip will end quickly.

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  • Brilliant

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  • Worst sandblasting job I ever saw

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  • New engine , new wheels ,new lights n handle bar! This is more like assembling than restoration

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  • A restauração mais porca que eu já vi na vida! O cara saí dando uma maozinha meia boca de jato de areia e saí pintando tudo sem lixar, com 1 ano essa moto vai estar cheia de bolhas na pintura!

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