The Cat Raised by a Mouse

23 apr 2021
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Phil's origin story... The Cat Raised by Mice
Turn on Closed Captions for Phil’s commentary.
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Talent: Robert Fleet, Joe Coffey, Robert Ramirez, Robert Broski, Jason Songer Sr., Michael Conrad Danheiser, Victor Urban Picazo and Madisen Hill, Jake Rohr, Bri Ana Wagner, Patrick Shannon, Pascal Nagata, Naila Macias, Dulce Garcia, Alessandro Garcia, Mary Herlihy, Lorenzo Anzoleaga, Rhys Duffy, Michelle Benitez, Danny Hauger, Dominic, Biani Benitez & Nathan Jackson,

Writers: Sarah W., Alex F., Aaron, Andrew, Jay W, Mark S
Sound: Kenji
VFX: Ben Klewais, Natalia Raz, Narendra Moond, CGVFX
Production: Rhys Duffy, Daniel Benitez, Lorenzo Anzoleaga, Lance B. Witmer
Production Coordinator: Lance B. Witmer
Special Thanks to GEEZERS Restaurant in Santa Fe Springs!

  • me g8ful 2 kno phil

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  • Micheal you're the best cat ever !! 🐱

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  • The cat is soo cute if it was me I would hav bought it in the first place.those mouse are also soo cute😎😭😭😭😀

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  • Who ever maded this plez lime this

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  • hi ,Aarons.I am from bangladesh.

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  • He got adopted my mouse!

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  • I didn’t even notice this is the gray cat vine people/cats. I used to love their videos! And this was the mean cat?!? I USE TO “HATE” THIS CAT WHEN I WAS YOUNGER. sadness time

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  • This makes me So emotional

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  • Me: reads the title of the video Title: The cat raised by Mouse Me: How?

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  • Plz make a part 2

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  • E a história de Phil?

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  • น้ำตาจะไหล

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  • And also don’t be sad there s other Phil vids

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  • I love the cat who was adopted by the mice

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  • just sad

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  • Am I the only one who knew that was a hamster not a mouse mice have longer tails

  • Feline Companion

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  • i will call the cat Lucy because she was loose

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  • this is so sad i almost cried

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  • Poor Phil also known as Dr. Phil

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  • is it weird that i cried-

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  • How cute! I burst into tears! it's good that the end was good! many thanks to the author! ❤️

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  • I literally cried watching thiss

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  • I love cats

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  • It was a little sad but at the same time cute

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  • Aww I also have a cat it’s a baby still

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  • Make a part 2

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  • I cried so much😭😢

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  • I wish I could hug that cat :((

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  • Phil is no longer just “Phil”... he is... SUPER PHIL!!! IF HE SURVIVED A WATERFALL, AND A CLIFF THAT MUST MEAN HE IS SUPER. (Also Michael 😉)

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  • اي

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  • that mouse home..

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  • Has anyone noticed that when the mice got shot down there were two balloons before and then after they were shot down there was tree balloons?

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    • Can I get a shoutout to plz Michael? Your my favorite SVworldsr and it would be a honor to have a shoutout. :)

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    • Three*

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  • Michael only aged 1/3 of his life, he won’t die!

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  • At first i was confuesed but then i realized that it is one of the most popular youtubers named AaronsAnimals

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  • hamster

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  • Im literally gonna cry 😢

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  • Praying for you. The viewers and subscribers. John 3:16 For God so love the world that he gave his one and only Son. That whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

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  • I love how phil throws a rock at the window 😂

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  • plz not phil

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  • this is obviusly not real

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  • Cute but sadly the mouse and the cat left them cuz one of the mouse write on the note “happy birthday to my son phil” -the mouse write “Fake” sad 😞

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  • Phill has hard life and very great and he’s adorable

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