Among Us NEW BABY IMPOSTOR Role! (Baby Mod)

23 feb 2021
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Sub found out a way to turn the Impostor into a BABY! This custom Modded Among Us Role lets the Impostor poop around the ship!
Among Us HOLE IN THE WALL Sabotage Mod! (Hole In Wall Mod):
#AmongUs #Mod
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  • whos your daddy : extreme mode

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  • Funny little babies watch a SVworlds channel beep done

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  • Some ad copied this thumbnail and simply just changed a few things about it

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    • I saw it also

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  • "I wanna be happy foever NAAAAAAA-" *wheezes*

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    • This is child friendly isn't it?

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    • 9:38 did kegs just say the F WORD

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    • 7:16

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  • Regan

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  • Ehh people are sometimes *****es when it comes to this game anyway

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  • How did you get this mod?

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  • How you do the mode

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  • I think sub knows where the toy spawned same in modes with boats I think that cos he made the mod he knows a way to find where the thing is

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  • Io

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  • 6:01 did any of you see kegs ghost for a split second

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    • if you slow it down ya :)

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  • 1:14 AAAAAAAAH

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  • Cool. Among. Us

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  • Baby Faster than the Crewmates XD 😂 😆

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    Kara CKara CPred 14 dňami
  • The baby mod

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  • Hi Ek

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  • I like that

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  • how do you get the mod @Sub And fletch

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  • I like the mods I wish I can play them: (

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  • How i teach maths

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  • I wish among us had some new rules and that’s why I try to said in among us

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  • Wooooooooooooow It's ugly now The Impostor Baby 🍼 you're Very cute

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    • Wooooooooooooow It's Ugly When The Crew Step To The Poop The Crew Die Now

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  • Everything is fine ☺️ Among Us Game I can't Do it now

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    • Como os metéis

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  • The Baby Is The Impostor

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  • how to come out

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