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Mankind was raised on The Skeld... it was never meant to die here. 🛰️
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  • For the record, Orange is still looking SUS.

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    • Wow

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    • Omg yt comment on my yt video 😂🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    • omgg

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    • @ЛаЛаЛоТ dkdkdodmr

      Spin OXSpin OXPred 29 dňami
  • remember kids, always wear your seatbelt

    PenguinsCanFlyPenguinsCanFlyPred 5 minútami
  • This is realy crazy like he is alone steve and every one impostor thats realy carzy and cool the same way haha what should i say then haha😂😂🤣

    Seedra AhmedSeedra AhmedPred 11 minútami
  • Why does this video haàaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 100mmmmmmmm views if this gets 1b views am dead

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  • Hellboy

    Saray CuestaSaray CuestaPred 37 minútami
  • still one when he's the only crewmate

    Rayyan AhmedRayyan AhmedPred 43 minútami
  • Some guys took your video and put it in there ad

    Aleksandar ProšićAleksandar ProšićPred 47 minútami
    • Thats bad i love this video though

      Naail ManjiNaail ManjiPred 35 minútami
  • The beginning of this looked so real I thought it was actual among us gameplay. But later on in the vid I realized this was all animated.

    Nahje MasukatNahje MasukatPred 53 minútami

    The Goat boyThe Goat boyPred hodinou
  • Woaaah

    AKUI SALAM 01AKUI SALAM 01Pred hodinou
  • Unm you're imposter!🤣🤣

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  • I just saw an ad for an app called 'Booster Master', and they used this video. I think they stole it. Better check to be sure

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  • 2:04 BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Impostors DEAD*

    Profer199Profer199Pred 2 hodinami
    • Ha ya

      Naail ManjiNaail ManjiPred 34 minútami
  • There are a lot of dudes form dark souls

    gunahsz maymungunahsz maymunPred 2 hodinami
  • Fortsetzung des neuen Jahr für die meisten😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😆😆😆😆😆

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  • 1:20 but this color is deleted...

    Kazakhstan -Kazakhstan -Pred 2 hodinami
  • A app stole you video and put it into a ad The name is "Booster Master"

    Evil BoiEvil BoiPred 2 hodinami
  • I would probably still get crewmate

    pretty angelpretty angelPred 3 hodinami
  • Az da eş es Ra da eş es Hz Hz Hz Hz ha ha eş evet;7:0&4

    Metin ÖzerMetin ÖzerPred 3 hodinami
  • Since there's only one cremate he would've lost only 100 cremated would win

    Omime KessingtonOmime KessingtonPred 3 hodinami
  • Pro player

    Lince officialLince officialPred 3 hodinami
  • Nuuu

    guili e minguili e minPred 3 hodinami
  • Español alguien

    Jose ReyesJose ReyesPred 3 hodinami
  • damn leg for those who have fiii kkkkk

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  • WTF that is scary

    Victor AcostaVictor AcostaPred 3 hodinami
  • English: Hello Русский: Привет Татарча: Сәләм

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  • "Crewmates kill more than the imposters.”

    Hamster ChallengesHamster ChallengesPred 4 hodinami

    Elias PaixãoElias PaixãoPred 4 hodinami
  • That was amazing

    Linda JonesLinda JonesPred 4 hodinami
  • The Fact that this got 3.3M Likes Lol

    Khloe BrownKhloe BrownPred 4 hodinami
  • Лпо ппшшпапор

    Элиза МаркабаеваЭлиза МаркабаеваPred 4 hodinami
  • Кто знает русский 👇

    Хайдар ИскандаровХайдар ИскандаровPred 5 hodinami
  • Yeah mewtwo

    Aryn SinghAryn SinghPred 5 hodinami
  • Fake

    Alles EdinaAlles EdinaPred 5 hodinami
  • Pause it and you see alot of bedcrabs

    Leonard LyntonLeonard LyntonPred 5 hodinami
  • How did you make this?

    Nora StormesNora StormesPred 6 hodinami
  • Now if this was in the real game it would be a nightmare cuz you can’t do anything you will die In like 5 seconds

    Catrun opCatrun opPred 6 hodinami
  • Bravo hhhhh

    Znaidi RHITAZnaidi RHITAPred 6 hodinami
  • Comment t'a fait bravo 😀😀😃😊😊

    Znaidi RHITAZnaidi RHITAPred 6 hodinami
  • эм

    Ольга СемиряжкоОльга СемиряжкоPred 6 hodinami
  • 0:10 how it feels like:

    Денис ДовгийДенис ДовгийPred 6 hodinami
  • Does anyone know that a vpn ad stole this without permission?

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  • 🏅🏅🏅💪💪👍👊

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  • Its not 99 imposters vs Steve it should be steve vs 99 crewmates because steve is doing all the things that an imposters can do for example vent,kill,turn of lights or sabotage lights and etc

    shyam chandrasekaranshyam chandrasekaranPred 6 hodinami
  • Cool

    Michelle YapMichelle YapPred 7 hodinami
  • I like it how the crewmate vented ;)

    THICC BackyTHICC BackyPred 7 hodinami
  • jajajajajajajajjajjajajajajjjajajajajjajjjajajajjjjjj hai

    jorge andres flores bustosjorge andres flores bustosPred 7 hodinami
  • Did you know your video (with intro) was used for an ad to app that cleans your phone? (sorry for grammar)

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  • о коммент ютуба

    Максим НгуенМаксим НгуенPred 8 hodinami
  • 10000000000⁰

    Zulayhobonu QahhorovaZulayhobonu QahhorovaPred 8 hodinami
  • For the record, Orange is still looking SUS.

    David SpoonDavid SpoonPred 8 hodinami
  • I want to know how u edited this whole video 😊 Waiting for your reply

    Spectre YSpectre YPred 8 hodinami
  • Тупо моё визение

    Ms Paul AvesMs Paul AvesPred 8 hodinami
  • 0:57-The crewmate can vent?No problem,your story is very very beautifull!!!I love your creations!So make more and more,you are good at this!


    Aliye KoçakAliye KoçakPred 8 hodinami

    Jaime MakJaime MakPred 8 hodinami
  • 엌ㅋㅋㅋ

    Lili XuLili XuPred 8 hodinami
  • Fake

    patri tibipatri tibiPred 8 hodinami
  • XXXXXXXXXXXXX(I don't know the chat) Let's all meet at the window of the cafetaria! I'll show you something cool! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX(I don't know the chat) SHHHHHHH! Crewmate Steve There are 99 Imposters among you #@! ! ! ? Victory Bedcrab & Steve

    Yoonho ParkYoonho ParkPred 9 hodinami
  • Bro you are youcing this colour its not available in my game because this is not sky blue or dark blue?

    sachin solankisachin solankiPred 9 hodinami
  • What an epic survival....👍

    zul harizul hariPred 9 hodinami
  • anh ấy bị mang ra khỏi lớp :3

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  • Soooo many players

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  • Hi

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  • Us

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  • 99

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  • MAN. I just saw that some guys using THIS video like an ad of “new game” how they say

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  • Its animation not real game

    Blessed WomanBlessed WomanPred 10 hodinami
    • Well duh

      LumicLumicPred 10 hodinami
  • Omg i know only to ten

    Blessed WomanBlessed WomanPred 10 hodinami
  • Ny nama is arisha

    Arisha Zahra PrabowoArisha Zahra PrabowoPred 10 hodinami
  • anyone saw graywolf with pizza.

    Jennifer CeballoJennifer CeballoPred 10 hodinami
  • Hpw to do this

    Mahi PatelMahi PatelPred 10 hodinami
  • Im not impostor

    Arisha Zahra PrabowoArisha Zahra PrabowoPred 10 hodinami
  • bedcrab and steve he is winner and impostor is going to the 99

    Anda PetchsasithonAnda PetchsasithonPred 11 hodinami
  • Itne sare kase??? 🙁🙁

    Nikhil Pathania 510Nikhil Pathania 510Pred 11 hodinami
  • This so funny

    Camila ChicasCamila ChicasPred 12 hodinami

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  • How how did it got millions of views

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  • land on mira hq nice idea

    Md TaseenMd TaseenPred 13 hodinami
  • Disejfsgs. 99

    May Joy BautistaMay Joy BautistaPred 13 hodinami
  • bedcrab

    iM1KKO x MyrooiM1KKO x MyrooPred 13 hodinami
  • this is by far the best animation i have seen

    Juan FateenJuan FateenPred 14 hodinami
  • Wow

    fazal shaikhfazal shaikhPred 14 hodinami
  • 크루원이 1명인데 어떻게 사람이 죽죠?

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  • Yytytyyg

    padmini javheripadmini javheriPred 14 hodinami
  • you are a korean :) ;) !)

    이순례이순례Pred 15 hodinami
  • when role reveal it was have there is 99 impostor among you word and it was not among us but among you it was tokaint games made!

    Eugene WasistoEugene WasistoPred 15 hodinami
  • My favorite video of among us

    Arman SinghArman SinghPred 15 hodinami
  • Love you.

    Tun KomTun KomPred 15 hodinami
  • coms is now the home of bedcrabs

    belloz • 26 years agobelloz • 26 years agoPred 16 hodinami
  • I don’t think miro is a planet tho

    Kevin BoneKevin BonePred 16 hodinami
  • loollllllllllluN

    Rosy EfrinaRosy EfrinaPred 16 hodinami

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  • Ñ

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  • Is that real

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  • Aquí esta tu comentario español XD

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  • 1:39 that’s a lot of crabs

    Brawling DevilBrawling DevilPred 17 hodinami
  • Eu sou a uniqua olhando em 2020????

    lixosou ofisiallixosou ofisialPred 17 hodinami
  • Pause at 1:39 to see tons of bed crabs

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